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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

J B Butterfield

JB Butterfield is looking to come north and do a few gigs.
Here's his bio and a link to his reverbnation page.
If anyone is interested in arranging a gig please feel free to message him.

It all began with a beat up guitar, a blues harp, a pocketful of dreams, smalltown indifference, etc.
THEN! The big bad world! Like minded people! Gigs all over the british isles, parts of europe, and the US.
THEN! The record deal! Now signed to 'spook records' my latest album "the passionate pilgrim" is now available via amazon, itunes napster etc. also from
A veteran of numerous trips to USA including Texas, I've toured most of the world (including India) with both my own songs as well as select covers.
My style of playing and singing has been kindly described as a melting pot of Johnny Cash/Gram Parsons/John Prine/Jacques Brel.

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