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Saturday, 18 June 2011

World War Z in Glasgow

Locally most people know that part of the movie adaptation of the Max Brooks novel World War Z is going to be filmed in Glasgow.
It's caused a bit of a buzz as there's open castings for extras.
Chance of some extra cash and appearing in a movie that stars Brad Pitt seems like too good an opportunity to miss out on.
Sadly I can't provide the time.
I'm sure that will be a blow to the make up department as to transform my matinee idol good looks to that of a decaying zombie corpse would have taken them all of five minutes and gave them an easy shift.
However my partner in crime Kelly has put her name forward for it and just got the email back confirming the date to be there for the casting.
So fingers crossed.
It's one of those bucket list dreams isn't it. Nothing special, but 'appear in a movie', even if it is just a head bobbing about in a crowd scene is a pretty cool one to tick off.
A mate and myself were once approached in a bar by a small effeminate guy who bought us some drinks and asked us if we wanted to be in a film with Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert.
We accepted the drinks (obviously), but declined the parts as we thought it was just an imaginative pick up line.
A week later it was in the paper that they were going to be filming 'Highlander' and we could have kicked ourselves.
C'est la vie.


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  2. They can stick the film up there arse and go and shoot it somewhere else, the cheap bastards.