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Friday, 10 June 2011

Stepping Stones

I've been told that I have an enquiring mind.
I've also been told that I'm a cunt.
Neither are worth denying as I've displayed tendencies deserving of being called both.
Maybe one day I'll share a cunt story, but today it's all about my enquiring mind.
Earlier today I thought that I would take a little wander down memory lane and dust off 'Blackout In The Red Room', the d├ębut album by Love/Hate.
Blame LA Guns for this. In fact don't.
Blame Gypsy Pistoleros. It's all their fault.
It was them that set me on the glam rock trip in the first place.
In the space of a couple of hours I'd jumped from listening to them, to getting reacquainted with some early LA Guns material - who they'll be supporting on their forthcoming UK tour - to then checking out Jizzy Pearl fronting the band.
So that led me straight to Love/Hate.
The album is still fantastic.
It took me right back to when I seen them playing in King Tuts with the Wildhearts in support.
Although to be honest I barely remember The Wildhearts.
It was after all twenty one years ago.
What I do remember is drinking a great deal, breaking the floor, drinking a great deal, watching a bud cross getting swung about, drinking a great deal and admiring Jizzy swinging from the rafters.
From listening to the album I even went on a hunt and found the tour t-shirt.
There's that enquiring mind jumping from one thing to another.
The t-shirt looks a bit fucked now, but it's worn better over the years than I have.
It's been lying bunched up in a ball at the bottom of a bag for over a decade and still has less wrinkles than me.
In fact I seen a close up of an elephants scrotum on the discovery channel and THAT had less wrinkles than me.
Dirty fuckin elephants scrotums. Grrrrrrr.
Anyway after all that I was looking about the information superhighway (That was the name for the internet way back in the nineties) and I found a Jizzy Pearl website.
It's hasn't been updated in a while, but in it you will find the Love/Hate story as told by Jizzy himself.
I'd thoroughly recommend checking it out. Very entertaining.
It doesn't matter if you're in an aspiring rock band, or just a music fan as I'm sure it will provide a good insight into how great and shite being in a band can be.
It's here.


  1. Saw Tracii's LA GUNS with Jizzy on vocals back in December last year at the Underworld (London) and they were absolutely superb. They even threw in a Love Hate song too. Tracii and Jizzy seem like alright guys offstage as they were out chatting and signing stuff for everybody straight after too.

    Venrez who are touring again with them on this tour are also worth checking out. They've got Alex Kane from Anti Product in the band.

    Never seen the Pistoleros so interested to see if they're any good.

    Dan (posted on your MM blog).

  2. I didn't have a clue who Venrez was. So thanks for the heads up. I've lost count of the times that I've seen Anti-Product. My son interviewed them when he was about ten years old and my daughter has been onstage with them singing Blitzkreig Bop at the Wickerman Festival.
    They were always a band that nailed it live, but struggled to get all that passion and anarchy captured in the studio.
    I seen Clam Abuse once as well. Terrible gig. It was like watching a car crash on acid.
    I think I'll post pictures of the kids with Anti Product and have a little wander around the 'net and see if I can find some more info about Venrez.
    Thanks again