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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds – Gorilla Rose.

What has happened here is common amongst musicians.
They have an idea, and to get to that idea they have to travel from A to B, but sometimes they take a wrong turning and find themselves heading into a town called Selfindulgentwank that has a population of one.
It's a bit of a shithole and no one wants to hang about with them there as all you can hear is variations of 'this is me, me, me, me' getting played.
The last album 'Dracula Boots' was a great return to form and promised so much.
The future looked bright around then, very bright, but Kid Congo has apparently lost the plot and decided to follow it up with some rancid reheated garage bullshit.
Whatever next?
An x-mas album a la Billy Idol?.
Someone needs to shake that talent he has out of him as he's holding it too close to his chest for my liking.
I genuinely hope that this isn't the start of a decline in the quality stakes when it comes to Kid Congo.
The world needs mavericks like him, but not if this is the best he can do.

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