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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra

No matter how bad you think this is going to be it will not prepare you for the full onslaught of shittyness that Gold Cobra is.
On a scale of one to ten on the shit scale this is about a seventy.
Give it a few months and the foundations of charity shops will be creaking under the weight of the deluge of Gold Cobras that have been handed in by the misguided fools who bought it.
The internet will probably break when everyone hits the delete button at the same time to get rid of the download that from here on in will be called the download that we dare not speaketh of.
Initially I was thinking that it doesn't have one saving grace, but as a psychological weapon of terror it could be useful.
Have it playing 24/7 in a warzone, while our own troops are issued with ear plug,s and it would be a bloodless win situation as the enemy capitulated in tears screaming 'please, no more'
We could introduce it into prisons and the rehabilitation results would go through the roof.
The thought of having to return in the future to a cell that has this crap pumped into it on a loop all day every day would be enough to keep anyone on the straight and narrow.
If music had an odour then this would smell like the sewers running out from Mumbai.
It's possible that in the future the word crap will fall out of common usage to be replaced with 'Gold Cobra'
When you lose your job, face eviction from your home and your partner leaves you then friends will say 'hey man. that's seriously gold cobra'.


  1. That's possibly the best intro line to a review I have ever read. bravo.

  2. I'm getting rather curious about this album to be honest, might be something.....

  3. It is something Roger. It's a pile of shite.

  4. So, I'm picking up that you weren't keen on this one then? Ha ha ha - nice review mate.

  5. It isn't even so bad that it's good if you know what I mean.