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Friday, 10 June 2011

Phoenix Mayhem Punkfest

Punk festivals are ten-a-penny, but good punk festivals are a rarer breed.
The difference between one and the other is that the ten-a-penny variety are usually just an excuse for a bunch of crusty looking mates to get together and scream 'fuck the police' to their little hearts content.
They're a celebration of the rut that punk got bogged down in, and they do nothing for me.
The better ones are the polar opposite.
The organizers and bands grasp the real punk ethos, and in doing so provide an eclectic mix of entertainment that draws influences from a deeper and more varied pool.
So when word reached my ears that a new Glasgow punk festival was being arranged for a weekend in June I was interested to see how that was going to play out.
Any concern that I had about it being the usual soaps and spikes rabble was quickly put to bed when it turned out that firm supporter of local talent Sandie Noone was the face behind the event.
If someone could be described as the person who knows everyone then it is Sandie.
The Saturday night has a rock solid line up with long term heroes Fire Exit featuring alongside The Snipes.
Both bands, while not sounding like each other, are collectively the sound of Scottish punk rock.
They have that passion that we Scots bring to everything, whether that's a football match, or inventing new culinary delights like deep fried pizzas.
It would be fair to say that some mad but fun drunken mayhem will be certainly guaranteed when they're playing.
Charred Hearts, DUN2DEF, Alkotron and Razorblade Smile are the other bands on the bill.
Out of them I've heard good things about Alkotron and Razorblade Smile.
That's not to take anything away from the other bands.
It's just that I'd be interested to hear these guys play.
Unfortunately I'll not be there.
My Saturday has been scratched off the gig going list.
Yeah. Boo Hoo.
However Sunday is free and in my humble opinion I've fell lucky with that when I look at whose lined up to play.
Hateful. A great band who along with The Red Eyes really should have jumped up a league years ago. Carling should sponsor them and put out a punk rock adverts saying that Hateful don't do bad gigs.
Oh, I mentioned The Red Eyes, check. They're playing to.
What's that you say Jimmy?
While I share you excitement can you just fuck off as your a midget pensioner dressed like a wee school boy and your weirding me out.
The Duel are all the way up from London to play as well.
This just keeps getting better and better.
The Media Whores did a great set supporting Spear of Destiny a while ago and their debut is a crackin' foray into how mature melodic punk should be played so I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted.
I've not seen the remaining three bands Ana Trash and the Sociopaths, Skudpuppetz and The Liberty Club, but I'm in little doubt that at the very least they are going to be interesting to catch for the first time.
So fingers crossed that this is a huge success, and just the first of something that will become an annual event.
Or instead of crossing your fingers you could maybe just go and support the bands playing.
£15 for both days or a £10 for one.
The price of a CD from HMV for thirteen bands. Put like that it sounds like a bargain.
Get in.

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