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Tuesday, 14 June 2011


From the moment punk hit the ground running people have been trying to neatly categorize it.
It's street punk, post punk, punk'n'roll, ska-punk, skate punk, Mongolian nose flute punk, or whatever else they can come up with.
Much of the time the addition of the 'punk' tag is used to describe an attitude, rather than an actual sound, but if there is one branch of the punk rock tree that has thickened over time and become the recognisable noise that the masses will perk their ears up to and say 'that's punk', then that sound is one of heavy metal guitars, huge riffs, occasional solos, driving basslines, pounding drums and a gruff vocal attack covering any anti establishment point you care to mention.
It's stereotypical, much lampooned, and nine time out of ten if you really do need to file it away you could do so under S for shite.
Bands that play it are ten-a-penny.
As with everything there are exceptions to the rule though, and SS-Kaliert are one of them.
By jumping headlong into playing aggressive punk rock with a fist-full of youthful enthusiasm they've managed to drag it screaming out of the mid eighties, where it stagnated, and kicked some life into it.
Their soon to be released album 'Subzero' parachutes straight into the no-mans-land between Exploited, and the harder sound of Rancid, and I fully expect to see any self respecting anti everything sort wearing SS-Kaliert screen printed rag patches this summer, or if they really want to push the boat out then they can paint their logo on the only space left on their leather jacket that hasn't been covered with studs


  1. Well said, these fuckin guys will tear you a new one!