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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mooncake - Zaris/Cast the route EP.

Usually when someone strings words like instrumental, post and rock together I'm the sort of guy who runs to the hills begging for some band to provide a three chords and an attitude antidote, but sometimes, on a very rare occasion, I can get down with something a bit more ambient and find myself sinking into some music that will serve to fill the space around me, maybe smooth the hard edges of life out, sonically knead the tension out of my muscles leaving me feeling just that bit more relaxed.
Russia's Mooncake are the band that are doing that for me just now.
They compose music that can sweep you along on a phantasmagorical journey.
I can close my eyes and feel the music lift me, carry me forward over sweeping landscapes that roll out before me and into cities where I sense that I could reach out and touch the spires of glass cathedrals that have been etched out of crystal notes.
There's a keen sense of architecture to the compositions and huge edifices of sound can be found and explored as long as you can let yourself go.
Mooncake through their music are giving you the keys to the doors of perception and it's up to you if you want to step over the threshold and let your imagination take flight.
I'd advice that you do.
There's a whole world out there that they can lead you to and it is a bright and positive as you can will it to be.

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