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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Gypsy Pistoleros update

Since reviewing the Gypsy Pistolero album that was frontman Lee Pistolero's recent release (Gypsy Pistolero - (Duende) Last of the Pistoleros) I've been giving myself a bit of a crash course on the band.
Turns out they had three albums and an ep out that were well received in rock circles.
Woooooosh. That's the sound of them going over my head.
I'm sort of bemused how they could have past me by, but never mind that because although I missed the party first time they've recently reformed, started recording and best of all are on the road in the UK with LA Guns.
Here's the press blurb and tour dates that Lee sent me through.
Oh yeah, and click on the tour poster for it to enlarge.

"My Big Fat Gypsy Party album!!!"
To be recorded in August recorded mixed & produced by Mark Westwood (Shadowland,Blanco Diablo, Motorcity Daredevils,I.Q, Ark,) & Nick Allen (Suede, The Libertines, Big Country, Goldfrap, James Blunt)

GYPSY PISTOLEROS -"My Big Fat Gypsy Party album!!
By those Dirty thieving Pistolero rip off bastards!
The covers album!!!

The Rolling Stones-Paint it Black
Hanoi Rocks-Malibu Beach
Crystal Pistol-Rockstar
David Bowie-Wild is the Wind
The Sweet-Blockbuster
The Cult-Wildflower
The Osmands-Crazy Horses
Manic Street Preachers-Slash & Burn
Terry Jacks-Seasons in the Sun
La Bamba-Los Lobos
Dogs D'amour-Last Bandit

This special covers album will be released in November to coincide with a full blown Euro Tour!
More Festival appearances TBA

All enquiries regarding GYPSY PISTOLEROS -


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