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Friday, 17 June 2011

Removal of downloads

Many thanks to the small minded individual who reported this blog for hosting music to be downloaded.
All the files have now been removed by mediafire.
That the material available was either unreleased studio demos, deleted items or live recording seems to be neither here nor there.
The request that I made for third parties with ties to the bands and artists whose material was uploaded to contact me if there had been a legal infringement has obviously been ignored.
There has also been a slash and burn approach to the removal of the material posted.
For instance the Filthy Little Secret recording of them playing in the Captains Rest was upped with permission from the band as was the Ross Gilchrist EP, yet they are gone.
Nice move.
Whoever you are you just shafted some local talent for no other reason than you could.
I would love to be in a position to out this individual as the sad pathetic fool that they are, but as everyone will no doubt guess they prefer to have a go from the shadows.
Nothing new there.


  1. That is utter Fucking bollocks mate. Whoever that was, you're a cunt and an arseholes. More so for not approaching the blog with concern directly. Way to Fuck over the little guy.

    Mainy, if you want to re-up our stuff you have our full permission to use whatever means you have available to fire about our live recording. What's our is your and theirs :)


  2. I've got an idea who it is, but that may be just adding two and two together and getting five.
    Without proof it's a dead end.
    However if it was this person I'm sure they thought it was a good idea when they did it, and have now come to the realization that it wasn't.
    When I look them in the eye and they flinch I will know.

  3. If they do, string them up by the baws mate.

  4. that sucks!!!!. Burn in Hell..Heathen!!!!

  5. We give you our permission to share our downloads...
    ACID FASCISTS ...are Unclean -
    All The Raw Meat -
    Joey Ramone tribute live -
    Live at Elvis Shakespeare -

  6. life is full of seedless little pricks like this with no fuckin life of their own

  7. Thanks Tiny. Couldn't have said it better myself.