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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Phoenix Mayhem compilation CD

I nice little memento here from The Phoenix Mayhem Punkfest night, especially as I couldn't make the Saturday night.
The opening track sets the scene with The Media Whores providing the track 'Indisecretion' from their d├ębut CD 'Starfishing'.
It s a song that perfectly highlights their sound while giving a little bit of a nod to The Stranglers.
One listen should be enough to get you at the very least thinking about buying their album proper.
Alkotron were one of the bands that I missed, and not just on this night either.
They're friends of friends and I really should get my finger out and get along to a gig, especially now that I've heard something of them.
While 'Nameless farce' could be the code name that mates use when talking about me to third parties, although I suspect they would drop the f, it is also a pretty nifty little tune.
It would be fare to say that there's a bit of an indie sound to them, but not enough to turn the punk lovers off.
They've got a nice mix of influences with enough originality to make them a band to watch out for.
Charred Hearts. Oh man I'm kicking myself that I missed them.
Mighty riffage and snotty 77 vocals abound and according to those who did see them this is a band that can walk it like they talk it.
Razorblade Smile remind me of a cross between Newtown Grunts and Angelic Upstarts. Not a bad combo in my opinion. Rough and ready, but not without some charm.
Dun2Def are the band that the organizer of the festival Sandie Noone raves about and now I know why.
They're the perfect antidote to the yank pop punk bands that have taken over the world in the last twenty years. Aggressive but still melodic in their delivery they nail what makes UK punk that bit different from any other countries.
The might Fire Exit need no introduction.
This is the last year that they will be playing live so if Timewall, a track that features Knox of The Vibrators tickles yer fancy then you better be quick and catch them at either Rebellion or one of their other forthcoming gigs as this really is the end for Gerry and the boys.
The Liberty Club were the band that I thought sounded great, but had a bit of a problem in creating something memorable to watch, but the proof that they have the potential to be something pretty special is here on 'The War At Home'
In fact once I've upped this I'm going to go looking to see if they have a single or album available.
The Snipes punted forward ' We are the rude boys' for this compilation and similar to The Media Whores contribution it's a song that will give you a very clear indication of what Scotlands best street punk band are all about.
The first stumble comes with the track from The Skudpuppetz.
There song 'Tam the Brick' is just not my thing.
There's no need for me to dish out a critical slating though as there's nothing wrong with it apart from that it's not to my taste. It's very probable that anyone else reviewing this CD could highlight it as a favourite.
Now The Red Eyes are definitely more my thing.
'This is my Life' is one of the stand out tracks from their last album and if the glory years of punk rock, when bands like SLF, the Clash and Buzzcocks ruled the airwaves is what rings your bell then when you hear this you will think you have got tinnitus.
Not to be forgotten The Duel storm in with their song 'Jump' and for those who are going to rebellion this year then this will get you in the mood.
In fact as many of the bands on this compilation are playing in Blackpool you couldn't go far wrong by just picking up a copy of this and hitting repeat on the car stereo/bus as you make your way there for a weekend of punk rock shenanigans.
Ana Trash and the Sociopaths provide their live stand out track 'Kalashnikov' as the penultimate track and if that doesn't get the blood pumping about your body then I'd advice you to get someone to take your pulse just to make sure you haven't tossed off that mortal coil and just not noticed yet.
Closer is Hateful with 'New Messiah'.
Another stand out if seventies influenced punk rock is your thing.
All the bands can be found on myspace or facebook. So on you go and don't be a lazy bastard.
I don't know if this is still available, but if so I'll add details about how to grab a copy and if not I'll hassle Sandie to make it available as any proceeds raised form it would counter the loss she made on the nights.




  2. Thanks very much.
    I'll send you back a contact for a guy who writes for one of the mainstream mags. There's no guarantee that he will review it as I presume he gets loads of stuff every day, but no harm in getting in touch with him.

  3. Thanks Peter. You know me and I find it hard to accept the praise, but it is welcome.