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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Warrior Soul - Stiff Middle Finger

Warrior Soul have been edging ever closer to going off grid with what they do for a number of years.
While the vast majority of bands are looking to ease themselves into the glare of the media spotlight they've instead chosen to step into the shadows and entertain the disenfranchised, the lost, the politically sussed, and those who refuse to live with their eyes wide shut.
In doing so they are grabbing at the rebel crown of the underground and setting themselves up as the band who are pushing a message from the writing on the wall.
Global economic breakdown, social meltdown, Orwell and Huxley, riots, blood on the streets, corporate bankers and the people who pull their strings hanging from the gibbet is all grist for the mill, and it's all being played out to a backdrop of grinding rock and roll.
It's revolution rock, a call to arms, a stiff middle fingered salute to the minority who reap all the rewards and the people who lives their drab lives doffing their caps to their so called betters.
If 'Stiff Middle Finger' had a crass scratch and sniff cover it would smell of molotov cocktails and destruction.
If the last album was the soundtrack to revolution then this the perfect accompaniment to standing amidst the rubble and watching the sun come up on a new dawn.

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