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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Jamie Flett - Tales from the Cuckoo's Nest.

Over the course of 2012 I have very often been bowled over by the talents of the artists who have been sharing their music with us all.
In fact week after week there has always been at least one release from a band or artist that I was previously ignorant of which has lifted the hairs on the back of my neck and left me breathless with appreciation.
Jamie Flett's 'tales from the cuckoo's nest' is one such release.
Some may call it alt-folk, but that as a descriptive term for it falls short of really conveying the breadth of what is on offer.
There's some electronica, jazz, americana folk, celtic meanderings and so much more.
If I was to be pushed to use one word to describe the music I would gravitate towards graceful.
There's a warmth to each song, and there's some raw honesty to.
A heart on the sleeve revealing of the world according to Jamie.
Beguiling is another word that could comfortably wrap its arms around the material.
There's also a softness to it all that shouldn't be mistaken for weakness.
Instead the sounds relentlessly flow from the speakers and envelopes a room, or if you have headphones on, then equally fill your head.
While so many troubadours are aiming for heartfelt and come across as twee Jamie has hit the bullseye with this, and regardless of whether it brings critical acclaim, or even fame and fortune to his door, I think I can safely say that anyone who owns a copy of it will treasure it and revisit it often as I have done.
We can often forget about the beauty that is out there in the world, but thankfully there are artists like Jamie who are open to easing us towards remembering.  

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