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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Reiteration ad infinitum

Everyone has the right to their opinion.
They have the right to hold opinions that are as close minded as they wish, or as open minded as they would like, opinions that lean to the right or to the left.
It's all fine.
They have the right to hold whatever opinion that rocks their world.
I respect that right.
I respect it no matter if they think that being gay is right or wrong, a choice or not.
Pro life, pro choice, pro basketball, pro wrestling, Israel or Palestine.
I respect your view if it is that David Cameron along with his friends will save the UK from financial ruin, or if it is that he's signposting the road to hell for us.
You are entitled to express your opinion that The Avengers movie was better than the last Batman one, or even that the last Batman one was better than The Amazing Spiderman.
You, yes you, have the right to believe whatever you want, and the right to express it.
I may not agree with you, but you have the RIGHT.

and guess what?

I do to.


  1. Can't argue with that! All the best, and keep on keeping on!

  2. Same to you Nuzz mate.
    Shame that every few months this needs to be said after another mentally prepubescent comment comes in from someone who isn't impressed with an opinion expressed about either their, or their friends, band.
    I should have it as a heading 'All views are opinions. No one is claiming them to be the last word in anything.'