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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Champion the underdog. A missive from Chris Catalyst.

Christ Catalyst of Eureka Machines has just posted this on facebook and I firmly believe it's worth sharing.
So repost it if you will.
Someone somewhere is wondering if anyone is listening and the answer is yes.
So let's tell them.
There are those of us who care not a jot of you have a large multinational supporting your art.
If you are good we want to hear what you are doing, look at your art, read your stories, poems, listen to your jokes.
Enough from me though.

Here's Chris.

This week, Tulisa's debut album entered the midweek charts at Number 17, despite her position as a judge on supposedly the most popular programme on the telly.

A few weeks ago, No Doubt (once a reasonable band, but no longer sold on their tunes or ability) sold 680 copies of their single, after appearing on said TV show to 10 million people.

The Ginger Wildheart album I was involved in earlier this year went in the midweek charts at Number 5, with no press fanfare, no hype, and no TV. Just an independent guy who has worked hard and built up a fanbase WHO CARE ABOUT MUSIC.

The forthcoming Eureka Machines album has now pre-sold 700 copies, not a gargantuan figure by any means, but one borne out of hard work, love in what we do, and the belief in us by a bunch of people WHO CARE ABOUT MUSIC.

Nobody ACTUALLY REALLY GIVES A SHIT about Tulisa's music.

What this all means is that there is a divide. There are two kinds of people. Those who are into MUSIC, and those who are into MARKETING. It's the same for everything, really. For every ten faceless Starbucks will spring up one independent coffee house, run by people who care about coffee and buns for people who care about coffee and buns. For every hundred flashy Hollywood blockbuster CGI fests will spring up one homegrown self-funded film with a thousandth of the budget but with ten thousand more ideas.

None of this is new news, but it gaining momentum and will only continue to do so with your support.

Music over marketing. Graft over good looks. Content over cheekbones. Ideas over idolatry. Community over competition.

A new world is arriving. More and more people are seeing through the landfill and dross that fills our every day existence. We don't have to put up with the nonsense. Supporters of the bespoke underdog are rewarded with decent quality, while the rest of the world continue to fatten on their McDonalds. It's no longer cool to be stupid, and we don't have to stand for it. Vote with your feet, your heart, your lungs and your minds.

The End.


While this blog update is not an advert for the forthcoming Eureka Machines album you can buy it here, and should do.

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