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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Electric 6 - ABC - 29/11/12 - (Glasgow)

The best, and probably most manic, rock and roll act on the west coast of Scotland have made the leap from the bars and clubs to the big boys stage.
It's been a long time coming, but I'm filing it away in the 'good things happen to those who wait' folder.
In support to Electric 6 in the ABC, Tragic City Thieves, the only band worth a spit from Port Glasgow, tore it up with a set full of debauched songs that celebrated the exhilarating excitement of all that goes on after dark on the wrong side of town.
It's a heady brew of sleaze, glitter and blood.
A solid throbbing beat from the rhythm section of the band underpins some blistering guitar work, and frontman CJ Monk is a thrashing dervish of a focal point.
What they deal in is lightning in a bottle punk rock.
The sort that bands like The Dead Boys, MC5 and the New York Dolls did, but there's nothing that screams seventies retro at you from them as they have their feet firmly set in the here and now.
It's all as fresh as a slap in the face.
The new album is out in march so look out for the launch of that as the live date will go down in history as one of those 'you had to be there' gigs.
So consider yourself forewarned.

Electric 6 are of course the dogs b's.
I've never been ashamed to express my love for the band, and so far they have never left me feeling that my support of them has been misguided.
They simply don't do bad gigs, or it has to be said, crap albums.
That they aren't selling out the SECC is a mystery to me, but as long as they aren't then the main hall in the ABC will do.
On this outing it's an anniversary celebration of their debut album and the nostalgia crowd are out in full force to get down to Danger (High Voltage) and Gay Bar.
The band could have played those two songs and walked off and most would have been happy, but thankfully they didn't.
Instead the opened with a cover of The Osmonds Crazy Horses, threw in Formula 409 and Body Shot, two tracks that I suspect that a good 90% of the audience didn't know, and then they proceeded to do the whole of Fire at breakneck speed.
I mean what can be said about that?
To hear it played in its entirety is just aural gold.
Pour that shit right into my ears and it goes straight to my legs and I'm dancing.
I'm throwing my hands in the air like I just don't care and if someone has supplied the linoleum I may have had a crack at some break dancing.
The rest of the set kept the standard super high. Like superman super high. Like just a dot in the sky so high that you can barely see it high.
Down at McDonnelzzz tripped into Dance Epidemic and then along with The White Wolf, Dick Valentine gave us Jimmy Carter prior to the rest of the band joining them and doing my favourite Electric 6 song I buy the drugs.
After a short break they returned to ecstatic applause and finished the crowd off with Rip it.

Now the next time they come back I expect to see everyone who attending this gig to be be at the that show.
No way after a gig like that should they slip back to playing a club sized venue.
Consider that a warning Glasgow.
You better all be there. I'm not kidding.  

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