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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Skullians - Don't take it to heart

Better known in the US, the UK and in mainland Europe than their own country of Canada Skullians must wonder what they have to do to catch a break in their own backyard, but their second release 'don't take it to heart' could very well be the thing to kick down some doors and draw some home base recognition because it's a pretty damn rockin' release.
The Canadian punks need to sit up and take notice of what they have.
In among some samples from television shows and movies they are providing a sharp blast of punk that refuses to be tied down into a specific sub genre.
The duel male/female vocals manages to allow them to go from street punk a la Rancid to Ramones-esque wuntwofreefo snot and roll and all points in between with relative ease.
Nothing sounds too raw, but equally there's nothing so polished that it loses the aggression either.
While some bands could be criticized for leaning unimaginatively in one direction or another here's a band that are tearing through a minefield of years of often cliched and cartoonish punk crap and managing to reach the others side unscathed.
The shit aint sticking as they aren't going to stand still long enough for that to happen.
This is the sort of album that you get when the musicians involved sit down with all their influences and then enforce their own vision onto the best that they have all brought to the table.
If you want to thrash about at the barrier then they have a song for that and if you want to pump your fist in the air and sing along then they have another for that to.
If you are a fan of punk music then consider the band to carry the attitude of the marines' no one gets left behind.'
It's another release from the excellent STP label.
While you are checking out Skullians have a look at what else is on offer. 


  1. Canada used to have a strong punk scene. Was soaps and spikes the zine from there?

  2. I remember that. No idea if they are still on the go. Pretty sure I have a Grisly Ghosts of Guy 7" that they released.