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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hancox - Vegas Lights

Pip Hancox is probably better known as the mercurial front man of psychobilly stalwarts Guana Batz, a band that to this day can still rely on a solid global fan base long after many of their peers have slipped from the pubic eye.
On this, his first solo outing, we join him as he stretches his muscles a bit and embraces some influences that may not comfortably fit in with his bands structured rock and roll remit, and while he's not straining to pull too far away from his rockabilly roots it's a refreshing change in sound that should allow fans of melodic punk to comfortably get on board with what he is doing while managing not to alienate his many Guana Batz fans.
That could be a deliberate move, but over the course of the album it becomes difficult to lean towards it being a calculated effort as each song organically bursts out of the gate and gives the listener a gentle, and often playful, slap.
Think about the Stray Cats and Social Distortion, bands who can mix rock and roll with punk and polish it up with some mass appeal, and you will be in the ball park of what's going on here, but don't for one second consider that he's playing second fiddle to these bands as there's enough solid gold nuggets on this debut, including a power pop classic in 'Sally', that puts Pip straight in there shoulder to shoulder with anything that they've released.
Don't believe me?
Buy it and tell me I'm wrong.

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  1. I bought the Album yesterday, as there were no proper previews of the album, it was a bit of a 50/ 50 choice. I've listened to it and as yet have not been able to make my mind up. I have always been a big fan of the Guana Batz, in fact the first time I saw them, Pip only had one tattoo I think (in Chester 198?).

    This Album has a very American flavour, which is a bit sad but it is saved by the magical Chants of Pip. Maybe I just need to listen to it a few more times??