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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Portents of DOOOOM

Okay, as posted the earth hasn't come to an end, but today it has been revealed that there will be a Spice Girls musical coming to a theatre near you, and that Sir Paul McCartney has been playing with the remaining members of Nirvana in the role of front man.
'Tonight on Celebrity Stars in their eyes I'm going to be Kurt Cobain.' says Macca with a  twinkle in his eye.
Meanwhile Beatles and Nirvana fans weep and tear at their clothing in grief stricken anguish.
If that's not some portents of doom right there I don't know what is.
I'm not going to bat an eyelid if they claim at lunchtime that they have successfully cloned Elvis and are on track to release an album of him covering Justin Bieber songs in time for it to be a Christmas chart topper.
Stranger things have happened.
Like Macca fronting Nirvana. Or Nirvana backing the Beatle.
I bet Ringo is pissed off.
Next it will be Susan Boyle going on tour backed by Jimmy Page and an animatronic Bonham under the name of 'The Real Led Zeppelin' while Robert Plant tours under the 'Fully Leded' banner.
Where will this madness end?
Thankfully I have a wee sneak promo of the new Rose Parade album to cling to until either this madness ends or the earth dies screaming.


  1. So much going on in the world and everyone is talking about this. Who cares?

  2. I sometimes feel that way as well Rob, but as I'm getting older I'm starting to try and not to look on a comment as a singular indicator of what is going on in someones head.
    Just because I posted about it, and obviously loads of others did to, doesn't mean we are all blind to far more important issues that are simultaneously going on.
    If course some people genuinely don't care one way or another about what is going on outside the little bubble they have created for themselves, and I'm sure some of them are overly upset about the Macca/Nirvana pairing, but in general a comment about this doesn't mean that it is all that is swarming about inside the persons head.
    There's enough room inside my head to guffaw at this, and equally weep internally for the injustices that I see.