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Friday, 21 December 2012

2012 - Roll call of honour.

Well it's that time of year when the best of lists start to make an appearance.
I'm going to give it a miss and instead have a roll call of honour.
I'll try and cover as much as I can, but I'm sure that once I have upped this that I'll then start to think about all the names I've missed and cringe at my forgetfulness, but in the meantime here we go.

Straight off the bat I have to thank my son and daughter for putting up with me.
We don't have a very conventional life and the way they roll with the punches (not literally) is an inspiration to me.
I am a proud father and I love them both more than can really be expressed here.
Similarly my partner in crime Kelly and her daughter Sophie deserve medals for being a part of my life.
Behind the scenes Kelly provides a great deal of support and without her 2012 wouldn't have been such a good year.

Then there's our friends like Claire, Pauline, Robbie, Angie, Trish, Omar and Matt who have all been excellent company on our adventures.
If it's the journey that is important then I have the best travelling companions that a man could ask for.

Now here's the business side of things.
All at Pivo. Foley, Sam, Omar on the sound desk, and the rest.
Each gig that I have promoted from their venue has been a pleasure.
Same goes for the night I had the 13th Note for the Wooden Sky gig.
Hassle free is the way to go.
Always work with music lovers and half the work doesn't feel like work at all.

Special mention has to go to Jamie of The New Hellfire Club and Gobo photography.
Their support is much appreciated.

Incidental stuff I should say.
StuWho has very often brightened my days. 
Mucho gracios for the online friendship.
Paul Henderson. (Is it only weeks I have known you? Mental.)
Jayne RIP (Much missed)

Now here's the bands and artists.
From the most recent gig back.
Rat Scabies, Brian James, Texas Terri, The Coffins, The Media Whores, Ferrari Eaters, The Dreaming Spires, Rose Parade, Johnny Graham, Matt Scott, Kirk Brandon, Alan (Red Eyes), Cal Murray, The Wooden Sky, Evening Hymns, James Foley, Belle in the Meadows, Hurray for the Riff Raff, The Dirt, Little Fire, Devilish Presley, Homesick Aldo and of course Melisa Kelly.
Zero ego from any of them, and an absolute pleasure to work with one and all.

Hmm so what's next?
Well there's the music.
I really wouldn't know where to start. 2012 has been an excellent year.
Especially for live shows.
The Alabama Shakes gig in Tuts, Social Distortion in the Garage, the many excellent performances from Tragic City Thieves, Electric 6 storming it in the ABC, The Secret Sisters in Oran Mor, The Noizy festival, Band of Skulls, The Imagineers, Brown Bear and the Bandits, The Coffins, Cory Branan, The Damned, Ray Davies, Alkotron, The Jim Jones Revue, Paul McGranaghan and Turbonegro have been just some of the many highlights.
As for releases there's been Jamie Flett, Paul McGranaghan, Rose Parade and Tragic City Thieves even though they aren't out yet, Deer Tick, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Sonic Templars, Dirt Box Disco and so many more that my head has been left spinning at the thought of all the talent out there.
This is where I start to struggle and worry about who I have missed.

So I'll just finish it here and add that I hope everyone has a fulfilling 2013.
Onwards and upwards eh?

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