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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sonic Templars - Mephisto's Minions

Due to financial constraints, and maybe a lack of knowledge of how a video should be constructed, many young bands struggle to get a debut promo video completed that does their music any justice.
The whole process is a double edged sword.
In the music industry they are a required promotional tool, but a bad one can do so much more harm than good, and sometimes I have cringed at the footage that has accompanied a great song.
Forever more the images are tied in with the track itself, and all it does is suck away at the music.
Takes away far more than it gives.
The creating of a video that enhances the music is a bit of a minefield to navigate.
Thankfully that's not always the case though, and with some imagination Sonic Templars have sidestepped every single issue that I have about promo videos and took a concept and ran with it to promote the excellent Mephisto's Minions.
I have no idea how much it cost, but I suspect that they have worked within a budget that most established bands would set aside for a print run of flyers, and that makes it all the better as it's up there with anything that you would see run on television channel dedicated to music videos.

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