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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Southern Culture On The Skids - Zombified

Southern Culture On The Skids often get pigeon holed as a psychobilly band, but similarly to the legendary Cramps they're not.
They're much more than that.
On 'Zombified' the sound of the band effortlessly encompasses the garages of the sixties, some surf guitar, swamp rock and hillbilly parties.
Imagine Booker T and the MGs playing Green Onions at a voodoo ceremony in New Orleans.
Dr John is there and the Sonics to.
That's the sort of party that Southern Culture On The Skids would be invited to.
Much of this first appeared a few years ago as an eight track Halloween release, but here it is given the full album treatment and the addition of more songs doesn't sound grafted on at all, it sounds as fresh as it did on its initial date of release..
If you like B-movies, exploitation films and sitting in honky tonk bars after dropping acid then this is the soundtrack to your perfect night out.

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  1. I fucking love Southern Culture on the Skids. Didn't know they had released this though, so I'll be getting my lugholes around this as soon as I can. cheers for the heads up :D