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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Dirty Edition 2 - 11/02/12 - Kilmarnock

Dang. On arrival everyone is raving about The Holy Ghosts.
When the praise comes hard and fast from every single person you speak to then you know that you have missed something special.
It's a damn shame that I literally failed to catch their set by minutes, but the name is now lodged away and I'll be making the effort to see them sooner rather than later.
So instead of The Holy Ghosts my nights entertainment started with Jamie Keenan who is probably better known as the drummer of La Fontaines.
Now Jamie is another artist who everyone raves about that I hadn't seen, but within a few minutes it was obvious why his reputation precedes him.
His set of skewed covers are a joy to watch.
From his twist on 'You canny shove yer granny aff the bus' that forever more is going to spin around in my head as 'I canny get ma granny aff the drugs' to his rousing take on Hamish Imlach's 'Cod Liver Oil and the Orange Juice' I was paying rapt attention.
There's something casually intimate, but also joyously inclusive about Jamie's performance.
It could be a mate providing the soundtrack to every house party you've attended.
From the rowdy bits when everyone is singing along and the neighbours have called the police, to the point when everyone has crashed out apart from the guy who is going around shaking cans to see if he can get a credible drink from from, ( Aye right. Don't look at me like that. We've all been there) it seems plausible that Jamie has a song that will fit the occasion.
I like the La Fontaines, but if given the choice between a ticket to see them or Jamie then I'd snatch your hand off for the one with Jamie's name on it.
You could sum up his performance as it's all good fun until someone loses an eye.
Rose Parade were billed to be the next band on, but due to their guitarist being a tad under the weather there was a last minute change and lead singer Ari did a solo set.
As he is such a big part of Rose Parade it doesn't mean that much has changed.
There's a softer approach to the material that doesn't sound better or worse than the full band experience, just different.
With an album in the process of being recorded it was interesting to get to hear a few new songs and try and imagine them as they will ultimately sound.
The main impression I got was that what we can expect is more of the same.
A natural progression from the 'Grace' EP.
I'm actually getting a bit excited about the prospect of a full length from Rose Parade (Stop sniggering at the back there) and Aris performance managed to keep that excitement on the boil (Okay. Now you're laughing out loud).
Matt Scott, who followed Ari, is difficult to review now.
It's nothing to do with his material or his delivery, but instead all about trying to strike a balance as I know him.
Too much praise and the accusation of pushing a mate could be levelled, or too little and the accusation of holding back would be equally expressed.
So how do you get around that?
Well the truth is that you can't, so you have to just plough on and try and be as honest as you can be.
So in the spirit of direct honesty I have to say that yet again Matt played a blinder.
As I've mentioned before there are elements of everyone from Dylan to Springsteen, Cohen to Waits. Frankie Miller to Jim Morrison in the songs Matt writes, but they all just flavour the music and lyrics rather than overpower them.
No matter how many influences you can hang your hat on it is still Matt Scott that is the central hub that they all spin around.
From a conversation later in the evening I'm aware that he had a few new songs that he was wanting to try out, but as they have a softer tone to them, and the audience were rather loud with their chatter, he decided to swap the set about a bit and stick to some material that people were accustomed to.
On the one hand it means that we got the familiar that we are accustomed to, but there's a part of me that feels that we may have missed out on something special.
Hopefully the new material will be outed soon in an environment that's more conducive to to a bit of appreciation.
Maybe I need to get a t-shirt printed that says 'More ears, Less mouths.'
The Imagineers were the band whose name was on the lips of most people attending, and that's not something that surprises me.
With a burgeoning reputation as the band who will make it big in 2012 people are keen to see what the fuss is about and they are very rarely disappointed.
Regardless of how loud the hype becomes the band have the musical ability, the songs and the attitude to deliver on all that is promised.
There's a melting pot sound that encompasses decades of quality music and it's all bolstered with a great deal of the bands own character.
Over the years I've seen quite a few Scottish bands who have hinted at possessing that certain something that a wider audience would appreciate.
They've had the songs, but maybe not the attitude, or they have plenty of attitude but fall short on delivering the music.
There's often just a bit of the jigsaw missing, but The Imagineers are ticking all the boxes just now, and with an album on the horizon it is entirely possible that the stars are going to align for them and they will be in the right place at the right time.
I doubt anyone who witnessed their set here would claim that they were undeserving of a much higher profile, and if anyone does then they need their hearing checked.
No honestly. If you disagree then get to the doctors as it could be something serious.
Headline act of the night was Tommy Reilly who I have to say I was rather ambivalent about seeing, but he was quite literally outstanding.
If there's an award for smashing preconceived opinions about an artist then Tommy gets my nomination.
I'm not even sure what I was expecting, but what I got was a real eye opener.
It feels like I've discovered a brand new talent.
There's something very comfortable about how he interacts with a crowd, and while that will win over a certain amount it's his songs that really pull you in.
After winning the Orange Unsigned competition it must have been a bit of a roller coaster ride for him, and it's to his credit that he has managed to keep his eye on the ball and develop as an artist.
For proof of this all you need to do is lend an ear to a song like 'six billion people' that will be appearing on his next album.
(There it is there from the always excellent Tenement TV Sessions below).
To say that I was impressed would be a understatement that would be up there with 'that Adolf was a very naughty boy'.
This was to be my road to Damscus moment of the night.
Up until seeing Tommy live I was quietly impressed, but I hadn't really wrapped my head around just how good he actually is.
Since this night I've revisited his debut and second time around I've fell in love with it.
His performance was the perfect ending to what in hindsight was the best line up I have ever seen grace a venue in Kilmarnock.
Now how often can any music lover claim that on their adventures in music that they have been to a multiple bill line up that has delivered on every level and didn't lag or disappoint for even just one minute.
Up until now I certainly couldn't have claimed that.
So mucho gracios to all the performers on the night and David Hanvey for arranging the evenings entertainment.
Now I'm left with a rather serious problem.
How is that, in its totality, going to be matched in Kilmarnock?
Answers, as they say, on a postcard.


  1. The David Hanvey promotion rolls on from his friend Meester Mainy

  2. Well I actually messaged David and asked if he wanted me to up this so that it would give us both the opportunity to respond.
    Firstly, and for the record, I do class Stumpy as a mate.
    I don't have a problem in saying that.
    Secondly is that as most people will no doubt agree I am not in the game of promoting mates.
    If a friend played a crap gig or put on a crap show, then they know that it's here that they will hear about it.
    So if I say it was a great show then in my opinion that's what it was.
    To claim that I'm simply promoting a mate is a slur on the talents of all the artists and bands who performed.
    Comments like yours also highlight to a wider audience how small minded a minority of people from Kilmarnock are.
    It's pathetic, but if you were unaware of that then maybe in hindsight it will sink in.

  3. I attendind this magical musical Saturday in Kilmarnock and I was blown away with all the Bands/artists I saw that evening. In fact I want to Re-live that moment all over of the best nights I have been to in ...well....years! The Music was Fantastic and also the bands were lovely chatting to everyone afterwards. All in all a lovely friendly, happy Vibe which I hope will be repeated in the future. ILL BE THERE! :D Thanks Stumpy for arranging an amazing line up!! Mel

  4. one of the best nights in Kilmarnock i have experienced yet! normally we have to go to Glasgow to see some good live music, so it was nice being able in our hometown Kilmarnock. The line up was incredible, especially on the saterday night. Jamie keenan was outstanding as a solo artist as i have only previously heard him play drums for the LaFontaines - was definetly impressed. But the Imagineers were amazing once again! a unique sound, catchy tunes, lovley lads. the venue contibuted to the great atmosphere too, small and intimate venues do the job for me. anyways, was an amazing night, and hope to here more from Davey about the great music coming to Kilmarnock. dayna

  5. Excellent review that really summed the night up for me. Was over the moon to hear the line-up, and every single artist/band delivered. One of my fave gigs to date. I had friends travel from Elgin and Shropshire specifically for this gig, staying in local hotels, eating in local restaurants, so it's more than just a boost for the music industry - gigs like this is Ayrshire can bring a much needed boost to the financial state of our towns. Cheers Stumpy for an amazing night.

  6. Hi guys, Stumpy here. Thanks for all the kind words but I couldn't have got through the 3 gigs without Scott Lyle and auld man Munro.
    Ladies I am very glad you enjoyed Saturday's entertainment.
    Johnny just a couple of questions for you.
    1. Were you at any of the gigs over the weekend?
    2. Have you ever tried to organise and run an event like the Dirty Edition?
    If you haven't drop me a line and I'll give you a run down of costs and hours spent working on it.
    Now I am running another gig on the 25th February. Now as I am a decent fellow I will stick one guest list ticket on the door for you. Now if you are highly entertained then I would be grateful if you paid. If you think its a crap night I'll buy you a drink as way of compensation. Can't say fairer than that.

  7. Outstandingly brilliant line up & night all round ! Well worth the 6 & 1/2 hour journey from Elgin & looking forward to u topping this with the next one Stumpy (no pressure!) x

  8. just like to say i had a ticket for the View that night but gave it up to go and watch the outstanding talented lineup of music on artists on dirtys on the 11/02/12 as i have done many many times before .

    I Like many others have been so lucky in the past couple of years to witness and partake in attending the amazing gigs and witnessing the birth of some great artists /music that has been coming to kilmarnock . its a very hard process running gigs with time energy money then the dreaded factor of will people show or what clashes with my gig that night i have witnessed it time and time again and thank God for people like Mainy .Kelly .David Dirtys .KA RADIO who get the music out there .Little fire Su casa .Bakers Possibly everyone who has even posted the local gigs on there social networking sites not forgetting the loyal punters that come to every show .

    Its with great credit to David that they shows went ahead often under difficult circumstances and were costed at a fraction of the price on what you pay in glasgow as its for the love of music and not a money making exercise .many promoters often have to dive into there own pocket and take a heavy loss just to bring good music to the public its not for the faint hearted . robbie mills

  9. For me, the minority view that is held by Johnny, and the anonymous ones in a previous blog update, simply draw attention to certain individuals lack of understanding of the amount of work that goes into promoting a gig.
    It's obvious to me that they have never done it themselves as if they had then the rancid and bitter views that they hold so close to their breast wouldn't find their way to the comments section.
    I'm pleased that they do post though as by doing so they just raise awareness of yet another hassle that people who promote gigs have to deal with, and that's the petty attitudes of the uninformed and envious twats that proliferate on the fringes of any music scene.