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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Michael Davis / 1943-2012

A few years ago I had the great pleasure to interview Michael Davis of the legendary Detroit proto-punk band MC5.
I'm loathe to describe what I do as a career as in all reality it's just a glorified hobby, but if I was to call my scribblings about music a career, then it is that interview that is the shining jewel in its crown.
To this day I still pinch myself that our lives crossed in what to others will appear to be such a small and insignificant way.
Some may even laugh at that admission, but at my core I'm just a fanboy who got to interact with one of his idols and didn't leave disappointed from the experience.
To say that he was a warm, articulate, honest, compassionate and brave man only hints at all the positive attributes he had.
He was genuinely inspirational and not just as a musician, but as a man, as a human being.
He simply walked the walk while others talked the talk.
So today as news of his death at the age of 68 reaches me I feel rather saddened.
I don't want to write an obituary detailing his many achievements as that can be left to others who have a more erudite talent in those fields.
Instead I hope that today, or tomorrow, or the next or whenever anyone reads this, that they will then fill the moments after it by listening to the MC5.
If every star in the night firmament represents a talented individual here on earth then one has just winked out of existence and the universe has just got that little bit darker.
RIP Michael Davis.

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