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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Johnny Graham

I don't know much about Irvine artist Johnny Graham apart from some glowing praise from a work colleague and Jamie 'Little Fire' McGeechan, but on the strength of their recommendations I had a wee search and was more than happy to find his debut single has a video to go along with it.
It bodes well for the forthcoming album.
Ayrshire's definitely on a roll in regards to talented artists.


  1. Johhny is great.
    I was told you were a dick and it was deliberate that you hadnt mentioned him before on your blog.
    Good to see him on it now.

  2. Ha. That's brilliant Stuart.
    It allows me to comment on how people talk pish.
    I've never met Johnny before at all.
    Barely heard his music up until now and I've had no reason to blank a man I don't know.
    David Hanvey once sent me a link to a song ages ago and I thought it was very good, but at that time it didn't blow me away.
    Jamie McGeechan had mentioned him a couple of times as a talented local artist as well, but that was it.
    Then recently a colleague asked me if I had heard him and he had a song out to promote his album.
    So based on that I went and had a look and was very impressed, and that's what led to this post.
    As is the way of things my girlfriend then seen him play in Su Casa and the review is up for that as well.
    That is everything as far as any involvement goes with Johnny.
    I'm a guy who heard a song and liked it so I put it up on my blog.
    How anyone could claim to you that I was deliberately not mentioning him is Twilight Zone bollocks.
    I'm not even offended. Just find it funny.
    As for being telling you I was a dick...well it isn't the first time and it wont be the last that people have said that.
    Like music it's a subjective point of view.
    To that person maybe I am a dick.