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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Little boxes

I got an email today.
Well actually I got quite a few emails, but nestled between the one from Jessica who wanted to sell me a penis enlargement product, and the request for my bank account details from Benjamin from Nairobi, who apparently wants to transfer a sum of money that has been left to me by an African prince, I got this.

Do you not think that more people would read your blog if you focussed on punk, as it IS supposed to be a bloody punk blog.
No one wants to read about local folk bands and you taking your kid to see fuckin Rhianna.

Initially I wondered how I had managed to rattle their cage, and when I had specifically claimed it was a punk blog.
I also wondered why they so emphatically thought that this was the case.
I was going to respond that while punk bands and gigs are featured some people actually seem to like the local folk bands, indie bands, rock bands, hip hop acts and mentalists that are sometimes mentioned, getting some blog space to.
I was also going to throw in something about the hits that the reviews of Rhianna and her ilk get, but then I decided that there wasn't much point though.
I mean c'mon.
I'd probably have more luck opening a successful bacon buttie franchise along the Gazza Strip than swinging the myopic view of this individual.

The problem is that I seem to have upset this person by spectacularly failing to fit my blog into some little box that they consider it should exist in.
A neat little box that meets their specific blogging needs, but I can't help but think that this short - and misguided in my opinion - message is indicative of a wider issue in society.
In just a couple of sentences someone who fails to give a name - and who I may not even know - is putting a request in for me to basically tailor MY blog to their specific tastes.
Am I alone in thinking that's just slightly arrogant.
That maybe it displays a rather egotistical attitude.
It's not something that I'm that surprised at to be honest.
It seems like an extension of the monkey sphere theory (Dunbars number) where it is proposed that as humans we can only manage to maintain relationships with a certain number of people. (Who we compartmentalize as existing in our personal self created monkey sphere)
In this case it would appear that I, and I presume others, should arrange everything into neat little packages that fits comfortably into this persons life sphere (limited bubble of existence), as anything that doesn't fit either can't be understood, or drags them too far out of their comfort zone and fills them with anxiety.
The short missive from planet 'give a monkey a brain and it thinks it's the centre of the universe' doesn't really surprise me though.
It seems that on a daily basis I see that very same attitude being mirrored by people in general.
People who hold a fundamental view to their breasts like a soiled comfort blanket.
Those who have evolved as far as they wish to and see any other advancements out of the cul de sac they find themselves in as unnecessary.
I don't really grasp where they are coming from.
I'm personally all about advocating that we dip our collective toes into a very large melting pot of experiences and consider that we can all have our lives enriched by doing so.
For those who can't jump on board with that then they can either skip the posts that hold no interest to them, or find a more one dimensional blog that does meet their requirements.
This isn't a punk blog, or even a music blog.
It's just a whole mess of randomness spilling out of my head, and that's what it will continue to be.
I hope that covers everything for them as the return address on their hotmail account appears to have been deleted after the message was sent.