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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Anti-Flag - The General Strike

If there was ever a time that the world needed a band like Anti-Flag it's now.
The General Strike sounds akin to what ducking your head into a bucket of ice cold water feels like.
It's a sharp shock to your senses that will banish apathy from your mind.
While some people have been reading the writing on the wall, and predicting that we are easing closer to reaping the backlash from the world leaders love affair with capitalism, it is a fact there has been far more people tucking their heads in the sand and deluding themselves that everything will be okay.
Especially the youth.
As long as mummy and daddy can hide the mountain of debt that they are accruing to provide them with their Converse, designer hoodies, i-phones and Beats headphones then everything is fine and dandy in their world.
Well it's not fuckin' okay.
In fact it's far from okay and Anti-Flag are stepping up to the plate to give them a timely bitter pill to swallow.
They're delivering that unwanted message.
The telegram from the front line informing people that their dreams for the future are dead, or are at the very least missing in action.
The world is fucked, or more accurately they are telling you that the world is teetering on the edge of being fucked and unless you, and yes I mean YOU, act now then there really is no light at the end of the tunnel.
The General Strike is an angry call to arms for the next generation to wake up and shape the world they want to exist in.
Are the kids listening though?
They are to the music as Anti-Flags popularity will attest to, but are they listening to the words, really listening?
Only time will tell.
Regardless of what does happen in the soon to be future it will be a matter for the record that Anti-Flag didn't waver and spoke strongly and clearly about our responsibilities.
Yesterday was ours, tomorrow is yours. Make it everything it can be.

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  1. been listening to them a lot of late....I am eagerly awaiting the release of this....or to find it on the net......