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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Creeping propaganda.

I was just reading the latest nonsensical and patronizing guff that is so readily excreted from the mouth of tory troll Baroness Warsi and I thought 'I'm not having that'.
Her latest is that religion is 'being sidelined, marginalised, and downgraded in the public spheres'.
She states this as if it is a bad thing.
Apparently we are under threat from a rise of 'militant secularism'.
Now far be it for me to draw attention to that dirty word secularism, but for those who don't know what it means then I'll tell you.
It simply means that we should keep church (any church) and state separated.
Now as we live in a multicultural society I could argue that to truly represent us all that this is more important than ever.
Now how is expressing that a militant action?
Let's be honest here and accept that while people are hitting the streets to protest about virtually everything from the cuts to the NHS to the bankers bonuses, we don't actually have secularists banging on the doors of Westminster and threatening to eradicate anyone within who attends a church.
Genocidal behaviour seems to be largely the remit of religious folks.
Secularists are more into changing peoples views with reason.
In general we just ask a few questions such as why should a religion have any say in the running of the daily lives of those who either don't subscribe to that specific religion, or religion at all.
It's a fair question and the reasonable answer is that no religion really should.
That's about the extent of a secularists battle with the current system.
It's a slow process of enlightenment rather than a militant attack on the establishment.
That Warsi feels the need to make an attack on secularism is interesting though.
What has she to gain from expressing these views in such a manner?
I certainly don't know.
Maybe she doesn't either though. She could just reading a statement based on a joke memo that was doing the rounds in Tory HQ.
In all honesty the space between her ears is a place that I never want to visit.
I suspect that it's a dark and ugly place where nightmares run free.
So even if this was a joke from Tory HQ she is the very one who would run with it.
Similar to how the Jews were denounced as the root of all evil by the Nazis I get the impression that Warsi would love to do similar to secularist.
It's simply scaremongering propaganda and that's her thang baby..
If the News of the World was still with us I would fully expect a 'secularist ate my budgie' headline in the coming months, and unless someone with more clout than a lowly blogger says enough is enough of this crap then I suppose the Daily Mail will have to do the job for them.
Although they wont be as obvious.
It will probably be a story about how a professor from a university in Ohio has discovered after extensive research into the first series of friends that there's a link between secularism and cancer.
That's more their style.
It's all rather pathetic and even rather sad that such empty rhetoric is given any credence in the media.
She then managed to get some more column inches when she said 'we in Europe should be more confident and comfortable in its Christianity'.
Yes. Baroness Warsi, the Muslim peer, has also said that. ( I add 'the Muslim peer as apparently no one is allowed to write anything that mentions her without stating that. I don't know if it's a law, but best to be on the safe side.)
I have only three words to say to her about this and they are 'Remember the Crusades'.
Okay, I lied I do have more than three words to say.
Why should we in Europe feel comfortable in holding on to Christianity? Or any other religion for that matter.
Now people who claim to be Christians can be as confident and as comfortable as they want with that, but why can't she just leave the rest of us alone.
Religion does not define me, nor my existence and I'm tired of its tentacles creeping into aspects of my life.
So leave it out Warsi.
The future will be brighter for all if secularists quietly get their way.
Now if this is an example of the militant secularisation that she mentions then I haven't a clue how she is going to deal with the economic backlash that is looming on the horizon.
Now that's a shitstorm that she should be worrying about.


  1. Damn well said sir!!!

    Agree 100%

  2. The coalition government seems to have cornered the market on odious women Stu.