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Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Plimptons - Are Cynical and Bloated.

There's not a day passes that I don't hear something from a well known mainstream band that makes me question who it is that buys that blandly repetitive auto tuned crap.
What the masses are listening to especially suffers in comparison when I've just reached the end of a Plimptons release like 'The Plimptons are Cynical and Bloated'.
For every 'Baby Baby Baby Ooooh', it would seem that the Plimptoms are more than capable of delivering a rock solid blow of originality wrapped in the warm embrace of sardonic wit in return.
As Newton says in his third law 'For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction' and that's what the Plimptons are.
The reaction to the actions of the blandly offensive brain dead nonsense that litters the airwaves twenty four hours a day.
Fans may consider that there's not a lot different going on in the Plimptons camp, but I would ask them to have a closer listen.
Individually the songs are just as deviantly poptastic as expected, but whereas in the past each album sounded like an anarchic scramble to get every single idea in their head down in the studio, this time there's far more of a flow to it all.
Previously every song was a singular gem, but there was times that it sat uncomfortably next to its album mate..
Imagine a 500 piece jigsaw.
Each piece looks lovely, but they're from 500 different jigsaws.
That's what previous releases were like.
Collections of great individual songs.
Now on 'The Plimptons are Cynical and Bloated' everything fits together and provides the listener with a clearer picture of who The Plimptoms are.
It sounds like a real album as opposed to a compilation.
Of course it's still packed to overflowing with warped vignettes of small town life that come across like surreal mission statements from the front-line, but this time out the band have certainly hit their stride in delivering them.
That's the main difference.
So if you're tired of the same old same old as people say, then maybe it's time for you to stretch your imagination and sample something that sounds far fresher.
There will be a moment when you could suffer from a bit of culture shock and you would have to acclimatize yourself to listening to it as I'm sure your ears are currently comfortable with the sheen that is put on pretty much everything, but take my word for it.
There are rewards to be found.
Lasting ones to.

Oh aye, and go and see them to. Details are on the poster...clickety click.

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