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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Runaway Phoenix

What would you do if Alice Cooper was your father?
Apart from lounge poolside at his gaff topping up a tan while sipping on tequila and using his name to get cameos in some horror films that is.
Would you pursue a career as a rock vocalist?
Personally I wouldn't as no matter what you do and how good you are at it the shadow of Alice will forever hang over you.
Every single note that comes from your throat will be compared to the talents of the patriarch of the family, every song written will be placed side by side with a classic Cooper track and rag dolled as it falls short of matching it.
However Dash Cooper either doesn't give a shit and isn't shy on promoting himself off the back of his fathers endeavours, or has a misguided opinion of his own talents, as here he is in all his glory fronting Runaway Phoenix.
It's not actually that bad if you are into eighties styled rock metal, and without the Cooper connection some lukewarm praise could be offered, but as mentioned you just can't get away from the Coop.
I can hear Dash in my head saying that he only wants his band to be reviewed for their own efforts and that it is wholly unfair to forever judge his talents against his fathers, but if that was true then why carry the surname around with him, why mention who his father is on every press release. and most importantly why have him guesting on a song?
I would think that this is one for the Coop completists, as without his contribution there's not a lot going on that holds my attention.
Unless there's a revival of the harder edged hair metal scene then Runaway Phoenix could very well be destined for the bargain bins.
In fact even if there was then they would probably still be floating at the bottom of the three for a dollar bin.
I can't help thinking that Dash Cooper is the George W Bush of the rock scene.

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