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Friday, 24 February 2012

Band of Skulls - The Arches (Glasgow) 21/02/12

So ages ago a mate, Mark Hickey, bought three Band of Skulls tickets and told another mate Chris Mooney and myself that we were all going to see this great band.
No excuses would be accepted and much drink would be drunk was the remit from Mark.
It didn't matter that at that point Chris and myself didn't know who Band of Skulls were.
Fast forward a bit and I hear their second album.
Aye it's good.
Fair play to Mark for having his finger on the pulse.
Fast forward to the night and we've missed one train due to an inability to extract ourselves from the pub and then we miss the next to.
It's all right though.
The wonders of technology has allowed Mark to squint at a wee phone and punch stubby fingers at it until it revealed that there's another one due, and if we catch that we will still see the band.
So more vodka, guinness, jack daniels and lager was ordered and the chances of us catching it dipped dramatically, but catch it we did.
The Arches was pretty busy, as was the bar, but with cans of Red Stripe procured we managed to get into the side of the crowd and catch the end of Broken Hands.
I was so impressed with them I decided that I would buy their ep.
Now in hindsight I can't remember a fuckin' thing about them, and for some reason they have managed to seal their CD above and beyond what is required and I'm still scratching my head and wondering how I can extract the actual disc from it.
At this moment Broken Hand are an unknown quantity to me.
With more Red Stripe repatriated from the bar and we settled in for Band of Skulls.
Were we disappointed?
Not at all.
From the opening chord we stood there gape jawed in between filling that gape with Red Stripe.
There's bits of Led Zeppelin pounding out, Some early Fleetwood Mac. The Velvet Underground make an appearance, but it still the Band of Skulls party.
It's hard to wrap your head around how much noise can come from three people, or how much musical ground can be covered by them.
The crowd is very appreciative, but I couldn't help thinking about how many were there as the band are the latest white hopes in the music scene.
Only time will tell, but at that moment in time I was more than happy to be holding a spot in the Arches to see them play, and I wouldn't hesitate in saying I'd go and see them again.
Time seemed to have been compressed though, because although they did a full set it had flashed by and as we went out into the street it felt like only minutes had elapsed.
Oh was that a pub open? What? We have time for a couple before last orders?
Don't mind if I do.
Crackin' gig and a great night out.

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