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Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Kimberly Steaks - Terminal Boredom

There's a few bands based in Glasgow and the surrounding areas that have stood resolute in their love for short sharp bursts of punk pop that wouldn't sound out of place if you heard it howling forth from 924 Gilman Street at the height of it's legendary fame.
One of them is The Kimberly Steaks who have just returned with a new album 'Terminal Boredom'.
An album title that similar to the music could have come right at us from the cover of a release that rode the crest of the US led pop punk explosion of the late eighties and early nineties.
That's not to be taken as a criticism though as the nine tracks that they rattle through on the album do far more than breath some life into the memories of those who are easing closer to forty and still remember wearing skate pants and such.
This isn't a nostalgia trip, but instead a reanimation job, and once listened to I could very easily shout......IT'S ALIVE in a non piss take style.
Everything is pretty much free of any bells and whistles. It's a lean and mean take on the genre that has no intention of taking any prisoners.
If you wanted to consider that the two biggest bands that came from the scene and conquered the world are Green Day and Rancid then The Kimberly Steaks are the band that have more street smarts and rough edges to them than Billie Joe and his boys, and more polish and pop coolness than Rancid.
They're the band that are covering the no-mans land in between and pulling the threads together.
I hope someone is listening.
Think Jawbreaker with Glasgow accents and you're driving into the ball park.

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