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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Frazer King - Working towards the Fuhrer

Frazer King are everything that no one ever expected them to be.
Once you think you know what's going on then that's when you realize you don't really.
If it's some yiddish polka you want then they might give you it, but then again they might not.
Someone said they reminded them of The Coral.
That would be The Coral being buggered by Captain Beefheart to the strains of Doo Wop then.
The sound of the band is a huge melting pot of influences strained through the eyes wide open acceptance of the world as it is.
There's a huge chuck of 'if you say yes then we are going to say no' in what they do, but it's balanced out with a great deal of charm and an understanding on how to deliver a tune.
This of them this way. If everyone has a mate that they make excuses for, and we do, and deep down we know if we didn't have decades of history with then then there's a good chance we wouldn't give them the time of day, and that's sort of like Frazer King, but then again maybe it's not.
I suspect if you said you didn't ever want to hear a drum and bass track from them then perversely they would sit down and toss a drum and bass rock opera off from the wrist just to prove that no one tells them what to do.
I also suspect they wouldn't tell you they had recorded it and then burn the master tapes before denying all knowledge of ever having spent any time giving the idea any thought.
Some could say that if you said white then then they would say black, but that's a bit obvious.
They would probably say azure instead.
If none of this makes sense to you at all, but there's a little voice saying that it sounds pretty good, then you are halfway there to liking the band.
Listening to them will take you all the way.

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