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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Green Day - Dos!

To the sounds of screams of 'sell out', every ones current band that they love to hate - unless you are fourteen - Green Day are back with the second of their three albums that will be getting released.
Imaginatively (sic) entitled Dos! it's been punted forth early due to the cancellation of tour dates necessitated by the rehab visit of front man Billie Joe Armstrong.
Once again here will be those who will give it scant attention, but that's there loss.
While there's nothing ground breaking on show, and nothing that will rival Dookie, I'm of the opinion that along with Uno! it's doing a great deal to wash the taste of 21st Century Breakdown out of our mouths and draw a line under the American Idiot period.
It's a nicely paced album. Well produced, well written and performed to.
None of that will of course matter though.
It's increasingly looking as if the dice has been tossed and Green Day are yesterdays winners.
I'm not sure what the future will hold for the band.
It's entirely possible that their fan base is large enough now to weather the storm of declining global popularity.
Regardless of record sales - which will still be healthy - it now seems that people have went beyond talking about the band as a trio who make music, and are more apt to discuss musical stage shows and television appearances rather than anything else.
Bit of a shame really as Dos! Is pretty darn good all things considered.

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