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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Eureka Machines to play Glasgow

With the Scabies/James/Texas Terri show looming as the last itsaXXXXthing promoted gig of 2012 I thought that maybe it was time for me to look at next year and see what could be sorted out for 2013.

So a couple of emails later the groundwork had been laid for a show that I consider to be rather special, and then a few days ago all the little pieces fell into place and I am very very very pleased to announce that the fantastic Eureka Machines are going to come to Glasgow in April.
The twentieth to be exact. 
It's a Saturday night and going by the amount of messages I've received since mentioning it on facebook I can safely say that some people are as excited at the prospect of the band playing as I am.

I can also say that I'm really chuffed that both The Bucky Rage and Eddy and the T-Bolts will be loosening off the roof for the Eureka Machines to blow it off.

If you haven't heard the band then shame on you, but don't worry about it as you can jump over here and check them out.
For those who can't be bothered clicking on the link then here's the skinny.
Eureka Machines are led by sometime Wildheart Chris Catalyst (He's also been in The Sisters of Mercy and the much better chunk of Jon Poole madness that is the God Damn Whores) and have been described as Green Day and the Beach Boys going at it bare chested in the yard as the Foo Fighters stand by and referee the carnage.
Not bad eh?
For those who just skimmed through that there's a video below all these things called words of their latest track for you to wrap your ears around.
If you are still reading then you can access the facebook invite page here.
If you are that way inclined you could also tell all your friends about the show.
It's a nice thing to do and you will be rewarded with lats of happy people smiling at you on the night.
Tickets will be available from Tickets Scotland from next week.

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