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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Jim Jones Revue - The Savage Heart

From the very first spin of the disc (yeah it's vinyl) it seems rather obvious that Jim Jones and his Revue have slightly slipped out of the Jerry Lee Lewis groove that they have so successfully mined to draw attention to their talents, and are now intent on beginning stage two of their world domination plan in a rather spectacular fashion.
Never fear though, as there's no dropping of the boogie woogie, and the piano driven rock and roll is still resplendent in it's domination of the sound, but on this outing there's a more balls to the wall expansion to the material that's pushing at the boundaries of what has come before.
They're no less rockin' nor rollin', but it's easy to imagine that this small change in direction will neatly provide them with a bridge that will allow them to cross from club stages to much larger ones with relative ease.
If on the last few releases they were making music that would blister the paint on the walls then this is the album that will shake the earth......hard.
Even when the band take it down and stretch out with a less than hurricane force track there's still a great deal of power tightly wound into the delivery.
There's a earthy and primal feel to pretty much everything that these guys do.
It' also seems to me that Jim Jones is now intent on flavouring his present with his past with some leanings towards the sonic assaults that were The Hypnotics and Black Moses on this album.
Not that this is something that is detrimental to what the band are doing now as from what is on offer here I could argue that he has a keen ear for what will work within the framework of what they are doing.
It's only the good stuff that's being incorporated .
I doubt many would disagree that with each album the Jim Jones Revue incrementally get better and better, and right now there's no sign of the progress slowing never mind halting.
For those who maybe did consider them to be a one trick pony then there's ample proof on The Savage Heart that they're not.

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