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Monday, 5 November 2012

Lisa Marie Presley - Storm & Grace

I'll not be the first, or the last, to say that Lisa Marie Presley's previous endeavours as a recording artists have done very little to impress.
Equally it could be said that I'll not be the first or last to say that there's a rather large shadow that will always loom over everything she does.
However this legacy that she must carry around with her like a ball and chain has always allowed me to think of her as the under dog, and we always want the under dog to win out in the end don't we?
The higher the odds of failure the sweeter the victory when the prize in in their hands.
So it feels good when I hear this as it finally sounds as if she has found her own voice.
Richard Hawley and Fran Healy who were both involved in the song writing appear to have avoided taking the lead, and instead it's possible that their approach has been to simply take Lisa Marie by the hand and reassure her that wherever she wants to go they will be there for her.
If this was the case then they should be lauded for providing the support that has ultimately led her to create music that she should be very rightly proud of.
There's a great unburdening aspect to the lyrics that's enticingly personal and I suspect that there were a great deal of ghosts laid to rest as the sessions drew to their conclusion.
On Storm & Grace we are really witnessing the watershed moment when someone draws a line under their past and embraces the coming dawn regardless of what it will bring with it.
A brave, and ultimately very fulfilling release.

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