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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Do one thing today to make a change.

Very often people claim that signing a petition is a waste of a minuscule amount of ink.
Or if you want to bring it up to date the signing of an e-petition that takes seconds is just too much of a hassle to be worth the effort.
I can understand why this is an attitude that is clung to by many.
How many times have signatures been collected from us all covering too many issues to mention that have resulted in absolutely nothing happening?
Each time we give of our opinion in opposition to a government measure our raised voices appear to fall on deaf ears.
When this happens we have two choices. We can shout louder, or just give up.
Sadly, very often, we choose the latter option.

However sometimes doing something, anything, is better than doing nothing.
So in this spirit I would urge those who are reading this to go to this page and sign the petition.

It will quite literally take a matter of seconds to sign, and in doing so you may save some lives.

If we all focus on this one petition, sign it and spread it about, then in doing so we may manage to get the numbers up to a level that the media have to pick up on it.
If this then happens resulting in even more people signing it then we can send a warning shot across the bows of this government.
Make them sit up and take notice that we will no longer accept their demonization of the least able in our society.
That we are not being suckered in by their spin, and refute their claims that our economic woes can be fixed by cutting financial aid to those who most need it.

According to reports approximately seventy people die a week in the UK who Atos have claimed were fit for work.
So fit to resume work that they are now dead.
Please think about that for a few minutes, and while you do please consider members of your own family.
Seventy people a week is seventy families mourning.
It could be yours.
Seventy individuals whose last weeks on this earth were filled with fear and uncertainty.
It could be someone you love.
Seventy people a week is three thousand six hundred and forty people a year who are judged fit enough to work and very obviously aren't.
These people are very obviously not slackers, not leaches feeding off the state.
Their deaths prove that they weren't conning the welfare state.

If you do one thing today then make it signing this, and please then go on to raise awareness of it by passing it on to others.
Those in power need to be held accountable for their actions, and we need to make it clear to them that we place them in the positions they hold to represent us all, and not just their friends who they lunch with.


  1. Have you been paying the support bands for you gigs?
    A little bird has said that you havnt/
    Naughty Naughty. Pot Kettle.

  2. Er yes I have actually. Lets take this a bit more public Harry as I have nothing to hide.