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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Slings n arrows.

Here we go again.
The usual sniping from the shadows, but instead of an anonymous post, as I rarely allow them the oxygen of publicity, we have the nom de plume of Harry.

Have you been paying the support bands for you gigs?
A little bird has said that you havnt/
Naughty Naughty. Pot Kettle.

I suspect the spell check on your PC has went on strike Harry.
Over worked, stressed and under appreciated I suppose.

Okay. The supports for Hurray for the Riff Raff were Matt Scott, Little Fire and The Dirt.
I don't really need to talk about specific figures, but feel free to ask them if they were financially rewarded for their time and effort.

The Wooden Sky/Evening Hymns gig had James Foley and Belle in the meadows in support, and prior to the actual gig I explained the circumstances of it being a last minute booking, and because of this money would not be available to pay them.
Instead I offered to provide them with some drink, guest list places, and they were all welcome to attend the remaining three gigs in the year that I was promoting.
Both James Foley and Belle in the meadows were agreeable to this, and I am sure that they would vouch that they were treated well.
Personally I would have both acts play again on a bill that would provide enough income to reward them for their time.
I'm pretty sure that both would be accept the offer.

Cal Murray and Alan Bishop of The Red Eyes supported Kirk Brandon. Give them a wee shout and they will put your mind at rest about payments.

Finally I had Rose Parade, Johnny Graham and Matt Scott opening up for The Dreaming Spires.
Both Johnny and Rose Parade got their expenses and I've yet to give Matt his.
The reason he didn't get paid on the night was because he left early due to him feeling a tad unwell.
I actually offered to get him the cash yesterday from the bank machine when I coincidently met him in passing, but he declined and said he will get it later.
Not really the actions of a man who thinks he will be stiffed for the money is it?

As I have said. Get in touch with them if you so wish. I have nothing to hide.
Bit doubtful that you will though as then you may have to reveal your identity.

Some may wonder why I am drawing attention to this small, and rather pathetic, comment from you Harry, but silence on my part would allow a seed of doubt to be planted in the minds of others.
Now I can't have that can I?
Regarding the pot and kettle. 
Now wouldn't it be very silly of me to be publicly less than enthused about pay to play and other exploitative practices, and then emulate the behaviour of the bottom feeders?
It's really not my style.

Below this is a wee update about how the coalitions use of Atos has led to peoples last weeks on this earth being a disgustingly miserable experience.
Be a good chap and do something useful with your time and sign the petition that it links to
You never know. It may make you feel better about yourself.


  1. loving the labels at the bottom. :)
    Seriously though, can folk not do a wee spot of 'fact checking' before they go on random, and anonymous stirring exercises?

  2. They know that if they checked for facts that they wouldn't have been able to post their bollocks*.
    They much prefer to be able to claim ignorance in hindsight with things like this.
    The bit I don't get is that each time there's a post like this I respond and they then have to go off somewhere and lick their wounds.

    *Not that I know if posting bollocks is actually legal. I've seen those reality customs shows and I suspect that a package of bollocks may not be accepted by most mail carriers.
    Then again posting bollocks may be a childish prank where the door gets rattled and when you go to answer it from the end of the hall you see a pair dangling through the slot.
    A dangerous game to play due to how many homeowners have dogs I would think.

  3. I've played for Mainy many times over the years and not once have I been fucked over. Shut it you.

  4. See that spade over there. It's a spade.

  5. I've been paid (and put up for the night) every gig I've done for Mainy and always treated so well! I'd be more than happy to do a gig for free for Mainy but I know he would insist I had something even a a beer or ten! So get your facts right before you accuse!!!

  6. Thanks Alan.
    People know I don't abuse those who have been booked to play. I suspect this person does as well and is working on the premise that if you throw enough mud then some might stick.
    It's a poor angle for them to take though as it's an allegation that can easily be refuted.
    They've just, once again, shown themselves up to be rather petty with their digs.
    If it was school their report card would say 'must do better'.