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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Peacocks - Don't Ask

It seems like a long time ago now, but back in the nineties some rock and roll in the form of an double bass started to make its presence felt in melodic punk bands.
Bands like The Living End and The Peacocks had the purist 'billy fans throw their hands up in despair in a similar fashion to how older generations always do as they bemoan that 'that's not how it is supposed to be played'.
I remember going to see The Living End on what must have been their first UK tour and the sound guy just didn't have a clue what to do about the bass.
Thankfully the bands with their double basses were having too much fun to have their train derailed and nary a fuck was given, and quite rightly so.
Now The Peacocks from Switzerland's who were one of the first to kick down the doors* are back.
With some fantastic releases already tucked under their belts, and literally thousands of club gigs left littered behind them they return to the fray with their latest on 'People like you Records' and it may just be their best.
In fact scratch that. 'Don't Ask' is their best.
It's fourteen tracks of polished, but not too polished, punky goodness wrapped in that driving signature slap bass.
The musicianship has always been top notch, but on this release the song-writing has matured and has reached the level that as a band they could compete with any of the stadium players in the genre they are in.
Just as everyone is getting into a bit of a state about Green Day being on the cusp of releasing three albums straight here's the Peacocks slipping in the back door, and delivering an album that if you seek it out will provide plenty of ear-worms that don't have any discernible expiry date.
This is actually the album that everyone who likes their punk poppy, but still retaining a modicum of exhilarating toughness to it, should be excited about.
Don't let it be an underground classic. 
Buy it and shake the status quo up.

*Yeah. I know. The Stray Cats and Levi & The Rockats were doing it far earlier, but that was a different sound and far closer to the traditional sound of rock and roll than bands like The Peacocks are.

People Like You Records

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