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Monday, 10 September 2012

It's a LIVE thing.

This is partially the reason why the blog has taken a bit of a backseat just now.
Normal services will resume though.

Kirk Facebook invite page.
Dreaming Spires Facebook invite page.
Brian James, Rat Scabies & Texas Terri Facebook invite page.



  2. So you wont be attending then?
    Four bands at £3 each and it's a bit much for you?
    Less than a packet of fags, or even a pint in a city centre pub, but that's not enough to entice you out to play.
    I'm going to guess that you're one of those 'real' punks.
    We all know the sort don't we?
    The great stereotypical outsider advocating the smashing of the system while they suckle from its teat.
    Better start rationing your cider as the coalition cuts are starting to bite deep.
    Unless you're getting eight bands at a fiver or less - with a lift to and from the gig thrown in - you really can't be arsed going out can you?
    Especially when Coronation Street is on.
    Easy to shout 'support the scene' from the comfort of the anarchists armchair eh?

    Sorry. I could be jumping to conclusions there.

    Maybe your not like that at all, and instead you're one of those punk warriors who are in a band.
    The sort who only attend the gigs that they are playing at, or the ones they can blag into due to another mates band playing on the bill.
    Is there no one you could hassle for a guest list?
    Is that the type you are?
    If it aint free it aint worth a fuck
    (See what I did there. Threw in a Stiff reference as we are talking about some ex Damned members gig. Feckin top drawer stuff this')

    Then again I could be well off the mark and you are someone who talks the talk, but that's about it.
    Is the James/Scabies/Terri gig something that you would have loved to have put on, but never got any further with other than just thinking about it.
    Has it pissed you off that I've booked it?
    If that's the case then get a grip.
    The only person who got in the way of you doing it was yourself..

    I could rattle in another few guesses about what your issue is, and what it's rooted in, but apart from you I doubt many people give much of a fuck.
    You wont be there as it's a rip off at twelve quid in your opinion anyway.
    Fair enough.
    Just checked my nose and there's no skin off it.

    I suspect the S in SPUNX stands for Scottish or Street and you haven't even noticed that you have shot your load with a Freudian slip.

  3. No consideration at all that the band are travelling across the country and that's not cheap Doug.
    Equally no consideration that I actually give support acts cash. Even if it is just expenses.
    I could shave a bit off the ticket price and expect the supports to play for nothing as others do, but I don't.
    I normally do gigs profit free with everything going back to the acts after the costs for venue hire etc are covered, but if I do make a buck it goes towards being able to put on a gig that may not do that well and then I can still pay everyone involved something.
    End of the day I really do make nothing.
    Or never have so far.
    Fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

  4. ahahaha! you might need some ointment for that burn Spunx, that shit has to hurt.

  5. £12 for this event- bargain! Brian James lives in Brighton so not a home town gig.
    No-one's being robbed and the organisers are working for free.

  6. Thats you told spunx ya fanny
    Now fuck off

  7. Hold on a minute... this SPUNX guy moans about paying a mere 12 quid - I bet he paid £40 a month for phone and internet services. How Anarcho Punk is that ?
    If he was a real punk rocker he would gladly pay the 12 squids regardless of the cost because the money would be funding some of the old guard - guys that started the whole thing off and who are now struggling to live !!!
    99% of bands are ripped off and if these guys make the effort to basically rough it up the M1 for hours on end it is the duty of music fans to support the same bands as they get older.
    The shame is that the moaners get attention and we have all fallen for it - at least we can vent our spleen on some plastic punk.... it's worth paying for him a ticket just to see the c*nt in person, but He'd bottle it I'm sure ... Respect to the REAL PUNK ROCKERS........

  8. dont suppose theres a doncaster/sheffield gig in the offing is there? coz £12 sounds a right fuckin bargain for that line up!, cheers spyder

  9. No idea Spyder.
    The only dates I'm aware of his The Cluny in Newcastle on the 16th and the Glasgow date.