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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pete Wylie - The day that Margaret Thatcher dies

I've listened to this once and instead of letting it seep in and thinking about what to say about it I'm just slapping it out there.
It is what is.
A bit of the Stones some Lennon and a whole lot of delightful bitterness.
Pete Wylie has certainly returned with a bang.
Political garage ramalama anyone?


  1. Not particularly a fan of Pete Wylie's music usually but I love this song.
    Wild Thing with anti-Thatcher lyrics - what's not to love!

  2. He's not slipping back quietly is he?

  3. Good Job Wylie... loving the one note Stooges piano.

    This is weird... put on the TV this morning and it was that big ol' pile of horse dumpies "The Wright Stuff" which today had Coleen Nolan and Terry "Fuckface" Christian on as panel members (must be trying to win over the intellectual viewer... I don't think), anyway, the topic they were covering was that some shop was selling Thatcher Party Kits so you can celebrate when she finally croaks, because of this there was a brief moment when I thought she had actually died...

    Maybe the day is drawing near when she finally leaves us ?

  4. I wouldn't normally jump on the bandwagon to celebrate a death, but in Maggies case I'll make an exception.

  5. Turns out this has been kicking about youtube since 2010.
    Oh well. Quality never goes out of fashion.