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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Meteors - Doing The Lords Work

It must be that time of year again as The Meteors have a new album out.
Not that I'm complaining as similar to The Ramones, Cramps and Motorhead, The Meteors are a band who can keep treading the same water repeatedly and I never get bored of it.
PP Fenech still wants to fuck the world, ghouls, corpses and anyone who doesn't like the Meteors.
It's rather reassuring to know though.
That's over thirty years they've been grave robbing bastards and like a snug well used security blanket they are the musical constant in many fans lives.
The guitars twang, the bass rumbles, the drums pound away and PP Fenech growls over everything in fine style.
There's no speed bumps on the highway with 'Doing The Lords Work'.
No messing with the template at all, and that's no bad thing because I would struggle to think of one note that could be added or taken away to make this album better.
Even the inclusion of Black Sabbaths 'Paranoid' adds to the over all flavour.
The the fans what they want since 1980. 

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