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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I get slated for voicing this opinion, but there's an element of punk fan that I just can't find any common ground with.
They have this inflated sense of entitlement and more often than not a limited level of maturity to go along with it.
Normally they're comfortable existing in a self made ghetto of delusion.
They're self claimed class warriors, but lack any depth in their political arguments - unless of course we accept that shouting 'smash the system' while they urinate into their neighbours garden is an expression of something more than just acting the cunt while pissed for a reaction.
It might well be an impotent expression of rage at the world when you are seventeen, but from anyone over the age of twenty five it's really just pathetic.
They're the first to chant 'fuck the police' at footage of riots on their television set, and equally as quick to call for their assistance at the first sign of an issue that impacts directly on them.
Thick as the proverbial really, and unfortunately it is these wankers who become the public perception of what a punk is.....and it's this element who I struggle with.
They certainly don't represent me in any way at all.

For me the urge to express is the foundation of what punk is.
It's rarely ever about being deliberately different.
Instead it about that freedom to express yourself regardless of the restrictions that society places on us all.
I've said this often.
If a guys father and mother have a law firm and their kid is expected to follow them into it, and instead he or she carves out a life as the guitarist in a garage band then that's punk.
Similarly the sink-hole estate kid who sticks the middle finger up at his peers and hits the books to make his or her dream of being a lawyer a reality is bucking the order and displaying punk tendencies.
It's this attitude that makes something punk in my opinion.
The end result can be anything.
From a private poem locked in a drawer to an Arab spring uprising, but it all has to be rooted in self expression.
The need, the urge and the refusal to be silenced.

Sadly the public face of punk has been warped and doesn't reflect that glorious and positive 'fuck you all' urge to break free and be the person we all want to be, and instead it reflects a lowest common denominator and two dimensional aspect of punk.
It's the people. who if they had an original thought in their head wouldn't recognize it for what it was, that are the global face of punk.
Pretty fuckin' sad isn't it?
I have no idea how that was allowed to happen and I fundamentally, and even arrogantly, cling to my disbelief that others don't see it as I do.

Here we are in 2012 and semi illiterate and clique loving arseholes are very often the people who represent those of us who nail our colours to the punk flag.

Grips my nips so it does.

Oi Bondage! Up yours.

Think about what that war cry actually means. Break the chains and think.

Fuck all these pathetic rules being applied by the imbecilic scene police.
I'm going to listen to some more Cheap Trick just now and then I might give the new Bob Dylan album a spin.

I hope that offends.


  1. well said Man, couldn't agree more.

  2. Spitting my tea out now.
    You do have a way with words.