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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Joey Cape & Tony Sly - Acoustic Volume Two

For those who are unaware it was way back in 2004 that Joey Cape (Lagwagon) and Tony Sly (No Use For a Name) first stepped out from their respective bands to take a stab at widening the scope of their material by rearranging songs from their back catalogues into a quieter and more rootsy fashion for a debut album that they simply dubbed 'Acoustic'.
It was the success of this album that would serve to open doors for them both, and set them on the path to rather acclaimed solo careers.
It would also spawn a subsequent 7” split, and the two working together in the band Scorpios.

It was earlier this year we then seen the release of 'Acoustic Vol 2'.
An album that would sadly be the last from Tony Sly who passed away peacefully in his sleep just as it was settling into the collective psychs of the wider world.
As an epitaph goes it's a fair representation of what Tony was all about.
A singer who broke a sweat.
Even when he is aiming for heartfelt he can't hold the passion back, and this more urgent heart on sleeve approach serves to compliment the more introspective angle that Joey has to his material.
There's a solid yin and yang feeling on the album that is also there on the first volume.
Two different styles that work together collectively and augment each other rather well.

There has been some murmurings that this volume falls short of the quality of the first.
It's a mild critique that I would disagree with.
The only difference is that Vol 1 came out of leftfield and carried no expectations with it while Vol 2 had a predecessor to live up to.
The surprise quality is missing, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the material.
It could be argued that the same criticisms could have been levelled at the first album if it had arrived eight years after this one.

I suspect that fans have already taken the album to their hearts and cherish it, and specifically the brotherhood of NUFAN fans will be more than happy with it being the swam song from the much loved Tony Sly.

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