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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Kevin Bridges - SECC - 18/09/12 (Glasgow)

While I've never really warmed to Kevin Bridges as a comedian I did go to his show with an open mind, and I would have loved to have woken up this morning with a fresh, and far more positive, opinion of him.
Sadly that's not the case.
I'm still at a loss to really grasp why so many people like him.

His delivery is blighted by his apparent need to wait until the very last bit of adulation from an audience has played out before he can utter the next line.
I appreciate that this doesn't bother anyone else, but it twists my nips.
The way he walks around soaking it all up, bathing in the love, juts annoys the fuck out of me.
The material itself is really just the observational type that Billy Connolly built his career on repackaged for a younger audience.
Derren Brown could have walked on stage and held a finger to his temple for a second before saying 'you are all thinking that this is so funny because it's true' aren't you.
Yet his observations aren't that wide ranging.
Nothing ever really strays that far away from his tales of the aggressive numptyhood of his Glasgow brethren.
Anyone who doesn't live in Glasgow could be forgiven for thinking it's a Mad Max styled apocalyptic shithole populated by toothless buckfast swilling mutants.
What a lot of crap.
We all know that's Kilmarnock.
Seriously though. It was a night of Bridges and his fans celebrating, and poking fun at, the dregs of our society.
The people who have fallen through the cracks are his stock in trade.
If he ever stumbles as a comedian he could make a buck from doing the commentary to the latest televisual bowel movement from Jeremy Kyle, or maybe the voice over to the next 'Most dangerous fucker in the world who lives in the most dangerous estate in the most dangerous city in the world' show starring Danny Dyer.
Of course he would claim it was post ironic though.

There was a few points where I did smile.
His tale of his school mate doing a ghost shite was funny, but the shadow of Billy loomed large over it all.
Equally his piece on a group holiday, and how the creeping loathing for the people you are with seeps into everything, was good, but once again people of a certain vintage would recognize the bones of it.

Regardless of my lack of enthusiasm the vast majority very obviously were enjoying themselves.
So fair play to Kevin who I'm sure will enjoy counting the receipts at the end of his SECC run.

Ach maybe my loathing for stadium comedy shaded my view, but all things considered I wouldn't feel that I'd missed out of I never heard or seen him again.

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