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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sonic Templars - Breaking Silence

Remember when Madchester was the thing?
How could you forget the Stone Roses and their ilk kicking down the provincially doors and stealing the thunder from the south?
Even if you weren't around at the time, the media with their slavish nostalgia pieces could make you feel like you had been.
Who could really disagree that it reached its pinnacle with Oasis and that they, as a band, would alter the musical landscape of the UK forever.
It's all sort of carved in stone in the history of music now.

However it was a scene and style that I never totally succumbed to, and instead I dipped in and cherry picked what I wanted.
The laddish swagger was a double edged sword I felt, and for me it only worked if there was a degree of intelligence behind it, and that is where Sonic Templars neatly come into it as here is the band that can take all the swagger of that era, add the intelligence, and apparently effortlessly polish it up for a new generation to enjoy.

That they're not from Manchester has no real relevance as their debut ep is drenched in the sound of the city, but while that sound is very obviously the influential roots of their music its the far more cosmopolitan feel of it that really pushes the envelope.
The song writing, musicianship and the quality of the recording all manage to equally raise this five track ep to the level of the release that would be expected from a band decades into a career.

The addition of strings to the track Sun Catcher is the perfect example of how ambitious these guys are.
I suspect that the whole arrangement was in their head, a whole hodgepodge of sounds.
And it's to their credit that they didn't record it until they knew that they could capture what they wanted from it.
Many bands would have probably compromised just so that they could get their material out to the public.
That Sonic Templars didn't is what will separate them from their peers.

Thanks to Unsigned Exposed who originally tipped me the wink to Sonic Templars.
Good call Jennifer.

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