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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Skunk Anansie - Black Traffic

Skunk Anansie aren't pulling any punches on their comeback album.
Straight out the gate it's whiplash time as they push the peddle down and aim for the sun.
Fans will not be disappointed, and those who are unfamiliar with them will be happily surprised at what is on offer.
There's not many bands who can effortlessly slide from bone crunching aural assaults to caressing your ears without interrupting the flow, but Skunk Anansie have been doing that consistently since their debut.
Some may wonder about a lack of progression as Black Traffic follows on exactly where they left off from, but I always thought that as a band they were creating music that stood outside the sound of an era, so it would be easy to argue that they sound just as relevant now as they did in the past, and no doubt will in the future.
Basically they don't have to fuck with the sound as it's a well oiled machine that is working at optimum capacity.
There's nothing more that they could add or subtract from the material to make it any better.
This is as good as it gets.
The band are very obviously not taking any prisoners, and if their live sets are as good as I remember them then audiences everywhere better get into training because a second and third wind will be needed to keep up with them.  

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