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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Green Day - Uno

I seem to remember that Green Day were going to release a treble album in the style of Sandinista.
A scary thought for some, but equally something that could have been described as a great deal of bang for your buck if you were a fan.
Now it's three separate albums staggered out over a longer period of time, and I suspect each will have their deluxe limited editions versions to purchase as well.
So not so much bang for your buck and more a pocket dipping frenzy by the record label.
Bit sickening, but no real surprise.
But how does 'Uno' shape up as a stand alone album?
Well three songs into it and I was thinking it was better than 21st Century Breakdown.
In fact not just better, but light years away from the drabness of that release.
There's nothing new on show, but there's a degree of freshness back.
As it progresses song by song it becomes ever more apparent that Uno is the album that tries to bring the pre American Idiot fans back to the fold without alienating those who may think that Green Day began and ended with the global phenomenon that was American Idiot.
Whether that will work is debatable though.
Green Day seem to be suffering from a backlash, and there are people who will line up to claim they are crap without actually listening to the album.
This could have some impact on how the album is received, but if they could set aside any perceived issues they have with the band I would think that they would find some things on Uno to smile about.
There's the usual riffs, anthemic guitar solos and big massive sing along stadium pleasers rubbing shoulders with gems of punky power pop, and along with all that is the usual plagiaristic ear worms that annoy us oldies.
So pretty much all is in place as expected.
The difference being, as I mentioned, is that it does sound fresh and the fuck you fun aspect is back.
So yep. I'm liking it.
In fact I'm enjoying it so much that I may even go and see them again if they come around this neck of the woods, and I didn't think I'd be saying that.   

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