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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Dollyrots - The Dollyrots

The Dollyrots have always been a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.
Sugary sweet pop punk that would give you cavities if you didn't rinse after use with something with a bit more of a bite.
They trod a tightrope above a split crowd of punk fans on one side and prepubescent teenyboppers on the other.
Personally I never had a problem with this, but now here we are on the cusp of their first pledge funded release hitting the streets, and my preview download shows them as a band who have fallen off the wire and landed on the side of the crowd who live under the shadow of parental guidance, and will discuss the merits of what colour of retainer to wear that will go with their mall bought converse.
All I can hear is Avril Lavigne backed by McFly with Miley Cyrus doing some backing vocals.
Thankfully I got this through before I bought a ticket to see them.
If I had turned up at the gig I suspect that my motives for hanging about in a crowd of under-age girls would be questioned.
If the gig is an over eighteens show then I have no idea who will attend.
I suppose the album is what it is.
I wouldn't break a leg jumping to change the channel if the Dollyrots appeared on screen, but equally I wouldn't feel any urge to remember who they are either.
Very disappointing.
It just sounds like a backwards step for the band.

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